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Thread: Other Alien E2 Images ST7111

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    Default Alien1

    Buna zildan, am intrat in posesia unui alien1 si am inceput sa testez enigma2 ARP cu openpli.
    Imi place cum se misca, dar as dori sa aflu daca se poate instala titan pe el.
    Sau daca nu se poate si exista surse publice(din cate cunosc au suport pentru atemio si kathi).
    Keep up the good job

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    Default alien2 enigma pus imaginea asta pe un alien2 twin '' gm7162_GIT-4463_PKT-1843-NP_stm24-p0211.tar.gz '' dar sunetul se aude slab in rest se misca super,este o setare anume pentru sunet?

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    Default Teletext HDMU

    Folosesc imaginile HDMU pe un Amiko 1, dar nu gasesc teletext. Exista vreun plugin pentru Teletext?


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    Default ProtoLux_v.6
    -ProtoLux v.6-
    was ist alles neu?
    - EOS-Panel updatet
    - New Skin GUI / Old Skin GUI
    - WLAN Auto Load Unterstützung (Treiber getestet: rt3070, rt2870, rt5370, rtl8187, 8712u)
    - RC Auto Load: Pingu RC1, Pingu RC2, Pingu RC1+2, GM Triplex, Pingulux Plus, Amiko Alien (ungetestet)
    - Audio-elf updatet zum Umschalten von normal auf DTS
    - DLNA MediaServer gefixt
    - 2nd WebIF Updatet
    - NT Mounts nun auch über MountManager zum Dauerhaften mounten
    - DynDNS_AutoLog PLUGIN zum automatisierten Loggin bei
    - EXTRA PLUGINS MediaPortal und TSmedia
    - Plugin FreePlayer
    - PIcon Manager PIcon´s einfach aussuchen
    - WLan Anzeige in InfoBar
    - Informations Screen updatet
    - WLan Wizard gefixt
    - dmesg Unterstützung
    - modinfo Unterstützung
    - EmuManager um "Eigenen Emu starten" erweitert
    - keymap.xml erweitert >>Klick<<
    - Emu Anzeige/Erkennung in InfoBar
    - Eigene Picon´s müssen konvertiert werden damit diese zur Anzeige kommen.

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    E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5487 PKT SVN-2290 HYPERION v2 Image

    Added by PKT:
    [ALL] OpenPLI updated 10-05-2013
    [ALL] python2.7 updated
    [ARM] fix firmware update from BP
    [ARM] fix subtitles
    [ALL] add PKT HDMI-CEC Manager [BP->Settings->HDMI Setup]
    [ALL] fix making & cleaning devs for pl2303 & ftdi
    [ALL] speedup network test
    [ARM] enable automount support
    [ARM] add missing libs for mytube
    [ALL] add HDD Manager to BP-> Disk Menu
    [ALL] Partition Manager to BP-> Disk Menu
    [ALL] optimize SWAP script
    [ALL] fix SWAP start on box with NAND Image
    [ALL] update main menu
    [ALL] add DLNA client support menu
    [ARM] Add missing rtmpdump for WebMedia 10 and other
    [ALL] default PIG on exclude ADB
    {ALL} IPTV GS fix for ChannelList
    [ALL] skip network check in first assistant
    [ipbox] add loading RF modulator in rcS if exists
    [ADB] fix autorestore
    {ALL} removed unsupported Nonlinear format from AspectRatio
    [ALL] fix EPG multifunctioning
    [ALL] fix Channel Control plugin support
    {7162} fix V.Format key for aspect ratio selection
    {ALL} fix python 2.7 plugins import from PKTs server
    [ALL] fix map ca0 to ca1
    {ALL} standby on/off switching speedup & other internal code changes
    {ALL} force reboot function deactivated cause doesn't work so far
    [SF918,SF1028] Enable extinguish
    [ALL] set default OFF hdmicec function: tv_standby, tv_wakeup, active_menu, active_source
    [ALL] fix OpenWebif streaming
    [GM7162] add switch between DVB-T/C @BP->Settings->Extra Setup
    [ALL] according to @data devil - added additional key info in locations: EPGSelectActions ChannelSelectEPGActions
    {ALL} added TELETEXT support in KeyMapper : available for red & yellow color keys
    [ARM] Add CrossEPG
    [arm] add missing libs
    {ARM} fix graphEPG fonts for other skins
    [ALL] update channel list

    [ALL] update djcrash downloader v1.3.0
    - add checking server response
    - add update local date field after installation

    [ALL] update PKT Samba Server Manager v1.5
    - add support for Hypercube
    - add some new entry to smb.conf

    [ALL] update Media player
    -set /hdd as default browsing dir
    -set config.mediaplayer.defaultDir=/media/
    -functionality fixes
    - added dynamic OC

    [ALL] update EmuManager v1.1.7
    -add properly support of wicardd

    {ALL} update BluePanel
    - speed up
    - optimized code
    - small fixes
    - num & color keys small functionality fix
    - exit key fix
    - added boxtype exclude

    [ALL] add Overclocking Tool v2.0.8
    - add management over/down clocking
    - add checking oc driver
    - add error message when oc driver is not available
    - add downclocking CPU in standby support
    - enable Fast Boot support
    - add lock/unlock button
    - add WARNING message
    - add Dynamic OC
    - add frequency self calculating algorithm to increase available range of values
    - add CPU dynamic frequency control in standby mode when recording

    {ALL} InfoCenter
    -added CPU frequency read online.
    -added Net IP

    [ALL] update PKT Install Manager v2.7.7
    - add support for Hypercube
    - add support MultiBoot for GM 990/GM TRIPLEX STB
    - fixed exit from Disk Manager
    - fix switch between multiboot<->nand_e2
    - fix switch between multiboot<->nand_spark
    - add Mario Bros cleaning tool
    - add additional boot_system check
    - set default bootdelay at 10s for gm990
    - add reboot button
    - add show mounted partition
    - add support ext4 file system
    - increase choice of size partition from 10GB to 1TB
    - add size of left free space
    - add excluded extended partition id
    - speed up loading install manager & all code in python
    - add info when disk or image file is not detected
    - add lock installation when disk or image file is not detected
    - fix usb and usbhub loading when more than 1 storage device are connected to the STB
    - add multiboot for Hypercube
    - FAT partition is using for kernels area
    - sdx2, sdx3, etc... is using for rootfs
    - correctly usb drive partitions can be prepare by Disk manager
    - fix refresh status on hypercube
    - fix rescan devices after repartition in Disk Manager
    - fix detect image to install [hypercube]
    - add alternative startup from flash when usb storage can not be initialize [hypercube]
    - code optimization

    [ALL] Update Backup Manager v2.2
    - add support for Hypercube
    - add full backup of flash for GM990 / TRIPLEX/ Hypercube
    - fix checking free space in /hdd
    - set copy settings default off
    - add copy of channel list revision
    - add selection usb or flash image in whole image backup

    Known Issues:
    [ADB] PIG can cause unexpected uboot remove due to error decoder design - as written by Jacek
    We are working around this problem and some changes in this direction have been made, however we can not guarantee 100% secure
    [TRIPLEX] for oscam use boxtype=ipbox

    Special THX to TDT group, all sh4 community and all betatesters.

    FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

    Pozdrawiamy Polish Koders Team

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    Imaginea 'E2 OpenSource SH4 Duckbox Project GIT-5487 PKT SVN-2290 HYPERION v2 Image' e o catastrofa! Nu va recomand aceasta versiune: o sa aveti parte de foarte multi 'cai verzi pe pereti' si mai ales pe televizor!

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    o mica nelamurire instalez imaginea hdmu pe alien 1 toate bune si frumoase dar nu ma lasa sa descarc oscamul 6666 ami spune sa updadez,,opkg,,cum se face?mersi,precizes ca am incercat si ultimul tip de oscam 8907 parca,am instalat o vers mai veche de hdmu si ultima.

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