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Graterlia Project

Graterlia OpenPLi

Some time ago (a long time ago ...) I bought the tuner from Enigma2. As you know, aboard a Linux system. I'm as old linuxiarz [I do not like the words: linuksiarz (since 1997)] I was not able to tolerate the fact that not everything is in place. For example, configuration files should be in / etc. Exceptions are additional configurations, so far as is necessary and required. Here we have a system and order should be.

Another thing that annoyed me was stuffed as I could in different softach, even though not everyone uses it. Laudable objective, though not always beneficial, especially since we have quite enough space in the internal memory.

I needed something like a "normal Linux". Looking, I checked a few different IMAGE and nothing was the way they wanted. Either reboot, or something missing, or just the files huge mess all over the system. Only the Freebox of these IMAGE I tested was different. I respect what he did Freebox and in no way criticizing. He gave us soft as it is and we can squeeze more out of our satellite tuner. Not only that → throw to NAND, put the card in C + and "you're going." You do not have to configure.

Whereupon came up with the idea to organize it all and add functionality such as the installation of plug-ins and skins with an easy uninstall.

Time passed, and I slowly dziergałem what arose. This is still a masterpiece and contains numerous errors, but it's important that something is here.

With effect from 06.29.2013 to life was called Project Graterlia. The project is based on public sources OpenDuckBox, STLinux, Freebox and others
Sagemcom ESI-88/DSI-87 ADB28xx ADB5800xx
The project is based on a publicly available source codes OpenDuckBox, STLinux, Freebox and other