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Thread: VU+VTi 9.0.1 Vu+ Ultimo Image

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    Thumbs up VU+VTi 9.0.1 Vu+ Ultimo Image

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    Thumbs up VU+VTi 9.0.2 Vu+ Ultimo Image

    VU+VTi 9.0.2 Vu+ Ultimo Image

    19.01.2016 - Urgent Information
    Please check tuner configuration when tuners are in loop through mode.
    It is not allowed to loop through a tuner multiple times

    19.01.2016 - Software Update VTi 9.0.2
    - increase image version: VTi 9.0.2
    - update drivers (2016-01-19) (solo4k)

    support Chromium OS
    fix DiSEqC problem
    improve power consumption
    fix misc.

    - add Chromium OS to image (including YouTube TV) (solo4k)
    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-17)

    keep compatibility for extra headers in stream urls
    MovieList: improve handling when leaving movie
    MovieList: add option to hide entries
    when start dir is set to all or new movies
    Timeshift: add separate menu: Menu>VTi>Setup - Timeshift
    Timeshift: map button STOP to live TV (timeshift recording is still in progress)
    Timeshift: map button STOP LONG to stop timeshift
    Timeshift: add function to transform timeshift to regular recording (Please note: short outage in TS file at transforming timestamp)
    Common: add global option for dvbapp2 debug output
    Menu>VTi>Setup - System
    Common: support EPG and picons for 4097 services (e.g IP>TV)
    Common: support recording of 4097 services (e.g IP>TV) -> THX @betacentauri
    Common: fix handling of http timeout at streams
    Common: fix button EXIT when infobar animation is enabled
    EPG: add option to blacklist services for DVB EPG (EIT) updates
    EPG: support for adding extra data to EPG events

    - add plugin epgshare THX @einfall (ver. 0.01 20160117)
    - add plugin tinyfoscamviewer (ver. 1.0)
    - readd plugin mediatombplugin (ver. 1.0-r5)
    - update plugin autoframerate

    fix switching to 24p mode

    - update plugin camofs (ver. 10.01)
    - update plugin devicemanager2 (ver. 1.7)

    fix partitioning for some devices

    - update plugin graphicalmultiepg

    support button mappings
    support custom picon folder

    - update plugin infobartunerstate (ver. 3.0.1 20160108)
    - update plugin lcd4linux (ver. 4.7.-r2)
    - update plugin multiquickbutton (ver. 2.7.14-r6)
    - update plugin openwebif

    switch to standby when transcoding starts (solo4k)

    - update plugin picturecenterfs (ver. 7.03)
    - update plugin seriesplugin (ver. 4.5.0 20151221)
    - update plugin webradiofs (ver. 13.57)
    - update skin atile (ver. 4.2-r0)
    - update skin mutespectator (ver. 2.8)
    - update skin stylefhd (ver. 2016-01-11)
    - update opera hbbtv (2015-12-22) (ultimo,uno,duo,solo,zero,duo2,solo2,solose)
    - update transtreamproxy</itemtext>

    support infobartunerstate plugin

    - update vtipanel (ver. 3.36)</itemtext>

    add favourites list loader (see forum for howto)
    Menu>Setup>Service Searching

    - add package jpegtran-cffi
    - remove xbmc from image (solo4k,duo2,solo2,solose)

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    Thumbs up VU+VTi 9.0.2 Vu+ Ultimo Image

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    Thumbs up VU+VTi 9.0.2 Vu+ Ultimo Image

    VU+VTi 9.0.2 Vu+ Ultimo Image

    20.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-20)
    fix silly timer conflicts
    add missing service info for 4097 streaming services

    - update plugin devicemanager2 (ver. 1.8)
    readd support for devices without single partitions

    -update plugin hbbtv (YouTubeTV) (ultimo,uno,duo,solo,zero,duo2,solo2,solose)
    keep compatibility for skins

    - update plugin epgshare (ver. 0.1 20160120)
    - update plugin infobartunerstate (ver. 3.0.3 20160120)

    INFORMATION - 21.01.2016
    Replace VTi 9.0.2 images in database : VTi 9.0.2 (2016-01-19) --> VTi 9.0.2 (2016-01-21)

    21.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-21)
    fix freezing mkv playback for some rare mkv types

    - update plugin autoframerate
    fix black screen after framerate change
    to activate plugin set:
    Menu>Setup>System>A/V settings>Refresh rate: multi

    22.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update gstreamer1.0-libav (2016-01-22)
    fix media playback with TrueHD audio tracks

    23.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-23)
    Timeshift: change default value for event change behaviour
    Timeshift: take care for zap timer

    - update plugin autoframerate
    - update plugin picturecenterfs (ver. 7.10)

    24.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-24)
    Timeshift: change default value for file remove intervall (default = 0)
    fix dvbapp2 shutdown

    25.01.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-01-25)
    Timeshift: map function transform timeshift to REC button
    Timeshift: remove duplicate menu entries
    REC button: add transform timeshift to configuration choices

    - update vtipanel (ver. 3.37)
    fix image restore/flash tools

    03.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-02-03)
    Timers: fix repeating timers
    Timeshift: enhance naming scheme for timeshift files
    Timeshift: do not switch to live TV after event change
    Timeshift: add option to to use < and > buttons for switching timeshift events
    Timeshift: change default configuration for behaviour at event change

    - update hbbtv (ver. 20151228) (solo4k)
    - update skin mutespectator (ver. 2.9)
    see TimeShift screen for new source TimeShiftService

    05.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update plugin camofs (ver. 11.0)
    - update plugin fritzcall (2016-02-05)
    - update plugin permanenttimeshift (2016-02-05)
    keep compatibility to new dvbapp2 functions

    - update plugin picturecenterfs (ver. 7.22)

    06.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-02-06)
    Common: fix releasing memory at loading epg data

    - update plugin camofs (ver. 11.01)

    07.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-02-07)
    Timeshift: fix naming scheme of ts files
    Timeshift: try to set correct file name for saved event
    Timeshift: do not stop timeshift when channel selection will be closed without service change

    - update gstreamer-plugin-dvbmediasink
    fix sound dropouts at some media files

    08.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-02-07)
    miscellaneous bug fixes

    - update gstreamer-plugin-dvbmediasink
    fix AC3/DTS playback when PCM tracks are present

    09.02.2016 - Software Update

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-02-09)
    [Timer] add option to avoid simultaneous timer starts
    [Timeshift] add function to transform old timeshift events
    [Timeshift] use begin time of event for ts file name
    [Timeshift] add option to hide timeshift files in movie list

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    Thumbs up VU+VTi 9.0.3 Vu+ Ultimo Image

    Vu+ Ultimo Image_VTI_9-0-3

    16.05.2016 - Software Update

    - increase image version: VTi 9.0.3
    - update drivers (2016-05-16) (solo4k)

    support FCC (Fast Channel Change)
    support SD/HD transcoding in live TV mode ** Restriction : No Pip/MiniTV, Slow LCD Drawing
    fix pluggable dual DVB-S2 problem when both A/B tuners are in use
    Improve HDR
    add proc entry to support some unicable equipments (needs a Solo4k Misc. plugin)
    add proc encry for DVB-CI timing control (needs a Solo4k Misc. plugin)
    fix misc. bugs

    - update dvbapp2 (2016-05-16)

    [Common] support FastChannelChange - THX @VU+ Please disable dvbapp2 console logging when FCC is in use(solo4k)
    [Common] fix 0 byte recording issue in linked tuner - THX @VU+
    [Common] save cached configuration before dvbapp2 crash based GUI restart
    [Common] gracefull shutdown of dvbapp2 at changing run levels
    [Common] simplify unicable configuration with suggestions
    [Common] improve media scanner behaviour recognize also IPK files
    [Common] rework Audio/Subtitles screen
    [Common] add option to change services with CHANNEL +/- buttons
    [Common] rework startwizard
    [Common] add option to enable/disable crash screen - disabled by default
    [MovieList] change modification time of files when removing to trash
    [Timeshift] fix black screen bug for service change at same transponder
    [Timeshift] change some default configuration values
    [Timeshift] allow deleting files older than 6 hours
    [IPKG] use software manager for installing packages
    [IPKG] log errors and use EPG button to show collected errors after software installation
    [Subtitles] use Vu+ changes for setup subtitles style

    - update busybox</itemtext>

    fix udhcp for some vlans

    - update youtubetv/chromium (ver. 2016-05-16) (solo4k)
    - update vtipanel (ver. 3.41)

    [Common] change reboot behaviour after upgrade
    [VTiZerO] fix removal of xbmc

    - add kodi to download feed (ver. 16.1) (solo2, duo2, solose, solo4k)
    - update plugin camofs (ver. 11.64)
    - update plugin enhancedmoviecenter (git 20160510)
    - update plugin fritzcall (rev. 1299)
    - update plugin multiquickbutton (ver. 2.7.15)

    add function to enable/disable every button
    PLEASE check your configuration after update

    - update plugin openwebif (ver. 0.4.7 20160509)

    fix rare crashes with mediaportal plugin

    - update plugin seriesplugin (git 20160409)
    - update plugin tectimetv (ver. 3.0)
    - update plugin webradiofs (ver. 14.45)
    - update plugin yamp (ver. 3.1.1 2016-05-09)
    - update skin atile (ver. 4.4-r0)
    - update skin cerxfhd (ver. 20160403)
    - update skin kerni-hd1r3 (ver. 20160221)
    - update skin mutespectator (ver. 3.1)
    - update skin stylefhd (ver. 2016-03-24)!Nk1Q0QbR!jNAlauwAB...w0OENvO9wEqbHs

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