MultiCS r84:

* New GUI Flat CSS.
* Cacheex Mode2/3 optimized (cccam/cs378x/camd35).
* CS378x/Camd35 server fixed (now cs378x server or camd35 server can answer to ecm request like CCcam/MGcamd).
* Fixed CCcam 10s freeze with somes old box.
* Sids limit on Fline/MGUSER added => F: user pass { sids=sid1:chid1:ecmlen1,sid2:chid2:ecmlen2; } (same for mguser).
* SkipCWC added to profile (for french packages) - default=no.
* AcceptNullDCW added to profile (for some NDS packages)- default=no.
* Cacheex server not disconnected on restart fixed.
* Fixed many bugs.