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Thread: Imagini DM 7020

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    Default Imagini DM 7020

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    Post scvs-image-dm7020-20081209201343

    Enigma = 09.12.2008
    Plugins = 09.12.2008
    Treiber/Module = 22.10.2007
    Second Stage Bootloader = 35
    Kernel = 2.6.9-r5

    Eigene SCVS Bootlogo's by yvessun und Skin by kerni

    satellites.xml - enigma by IhaD

    USB, USB HID, USB MON, FAT, VFAT,NTFS, MSDOS, IPTABLES und autofs Treiber im Kernel

    - Smargo USB Cardreader Unterstützung FTDI_SIO und PL2303

    iPod Unterstützung im Kernel


    EPG Private

    Webinterface Expert



    dccamd aus dem Image entfernt. Kann per Internet nachinstalliert werden


    NOTE: build 200812092113: started

    OE Build Configuration:
    BB_VERSION = "1.6.8"
    OE_REVISION = "<unknown>"
    TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
    TARGET_OS = "linux"
    MACHINE = "dm7020"
    DISTRO = "opendreambox"
    DISTRO_VERSION = "1.5.0"
    TARGET_FPU = "soft"

    download :
    Don't dream your life - live your DREAMbox ! DON'T FORGET TO SAY '' THANKS '' Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only!

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    Post SifTeam 1.9.3C 7020

    SifTeam 1.9.3C 7020

    * Usable to HDD, USB, CF or flash
    * Enigma of: 18.12.2008
    * OE Build Configuration:
    BB_VERSION = "1.6.2"
    OE_REVISION = "format_version "1"
    OE Build Configuration:
    BB_VERSION = "1.6.2"
    OE_REVISION = "format_version "1"
    new_manifest [0000000000000000000000000000000000000004]
    old_revision [8384ee468ef9c285a8c9b35ef333e53be78b6445]"
    TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
    TARGET_OS = "linux"
    MACHINE = "dm7020"
    DISTRO = "opendreambox"
    DISTRO_VERSION = "1.4.0"
    TARGET_FPU = "soft"

    ALL DECODER ( same options not present to Qbox-one
    - IPBOX200s - DM500 - DM500+ - DM5620 ):
    * 1 x BLUE = Emu Panel
    * 1 x Yellow = Plugins
    * 1 x Green = Addons Panel
    * 1 x Red = EPG ( settable from Control Pannel )
    * BLUE > 1 sec = Control Panel ( new version "visual" )
    * Yellow > 1 sec. = Personal Plugin ( settable from Control Pannel )
    * Green > 1 sec. = Personal Plugin ( settable from Control Pannel )

    * Advanced MINICROND system configuration, with more script
    added (restart cam, restart openvpn ecc..)
    * Advanced FIREWALL with graphics start/stop/configuration
    * Advanced HDD with graphics configuration
    * Advanced SWAP with graphics start/stop/configuration
    * Advanced OPENVPN with graphics start/stop/configuration
    (have to install online package)
    * Advanced DROPBEARSSH with graphics start/stop/configuration
    (have to install online package)
    * Advanced INADYN-DNS with graphics start/stop/configuration
    * Advanced NFS with graphics start/stop/configuration (have to install
    online package)
    * Settable PICON directory
    * Automount HDD USB CF
    * Advanced SCRIPT options for personal set ( name to button is modifiable
    from Control Panel)
    * Formatting USB ( into 500 and 200 not have USB option, have manage
    remote control and free memory)
    * Advanced EPG options (is possible set personal EPG from Control
    Panel or use standard EPG)
    * Advanced Manage of Button Yellow and Green, is possible add one
    plugin to this buttons
    * Simple BACKUP with graphics start/stop/configuration (for save one dir.
    to extern support)
    * Advanced SAMBA with graphics start/stop/configuration (7020 - 600pvr
    - 500plus have samba installed from default)
    * Color set to RGB from default ( for lcd TV)
    * Inserted DM7020 Network Fix
    * Reiserfs and VFAT supported
    * Synchronize date from Internet
    * WebIf information ( with reload option)
    * New Button for second url (for download personel addons)
    * Autostandby if decoder turn off in bad mode (crash power ecc..)

    Display Function:
    * Set zap without OSD (if press OK return OSD)
    * Set OSD always on when OK is pressed (required from nokia9k8)
    * Display Snr, Agc, Ber
    * Display video information
    * Display frequency, polarization, symbol rate
    * Display emu in use
    * Display service providers name
    * Display CaID, ProvID, PID (you can hide from options)
    * Display Decoding Source (you can hide from options)
    * Picon, already inserted to enigma code (thanks to jlmota)
    * SkinPreview (thanks to jlmota)
    * Skin Lite/Full, when Lite ..if no OSD present, and press OK see Full
    (thanks to tension for help)
    * Emu Panel now have image with icon report of decode
    * Fulltime
    * Analogic Clock
    * Move OSD (thanks to tension9000)
    * Always 16:9 settable in all decoder
    * Time visible in screen
    * Name channel visible in screen

    * Set Default CAM
    * Set channel CAM
    * Set provider CAM
    * Stop active CAM

    * Internet addons download
    * Manual addons install
    * Remove installed addons

    * Italian, English language
    * Many language in download
    * Picon for -skyit+italian channel- is already installed
    * Several Plugins/Games/Addons installed
    * IPBOX200S have UHF in/out
    * IPBOX200S ...for free memory (if is necessary):
    1) Go to free channel
    2) Click to "Free Memory" is possible to start/stop install/remove visualize script ecc..
    * For use your personal Addons server, create file:
    /var/etc/SifTeam/tmp/url2 (that it contains your link)
    after, into server have write your cpanel-dream.xml (for dream decoder)
    or cpanel-ipbox.xml (for ipbox decoder), that contains your packages
    (for simple system, download cpanel*.xml from sifteam URL)

    See Yellow from Control Panel for other help into this work.
    All IPBOX > ..special thanks to sandali for its branch of development ..
    and Blakskettle for any info.
    FOR ALL > porto, MaxZ4, tension9000, jlmota ..and other?

    Thanks to all and good fun

    This image is based, beyond that my "much" code and hard work,
    to Dream-cvs, parts of old Hydra
    source (EMU/ADDONS ...emubroker is this) ...and other?

    download :
    Don't dream your life - live your DREAMbox ! DON'T FORGET TO SAY '' THANKS '' Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only!

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    Default Gemini 4.60 DM7020

    Gemini v4.6:

    Technical Infos:
    * Enigma of: 19.12.2008
    * GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
    * Web Interface: 6.0.4-Expert
    * Busybox 1.01
    * Tuxtxt V1.104
    * CIFS 1.44

    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings
    * YELLOW - Quick-Button (can be configured via BP)
    * RED - EPG list for active channel
    * 2x RED - EPG style menu
    * GREEN - subservices

    * own Addon-Server via Internet
    * adding additional functions via internet from the Gemini-Server and install them automaticly
    * Personal Addon-Server can be used (configuration via /var/etc/useraddon.xml)
    * Create your own Satellites.xml, which only contains the Satellites you realy need

    * Different Camd´s can be linked to channels/provider (Autocam)
    * Changeing the name and settings via own menu.
    * Creation of a 2nd socket (/tmp/cam1.socket)

    Daemon / Server / Clients:
    * Automatic test wehter the box is connected with the internet or not (Well be shown in the infobar)
    * Dropbear (SSH) now switchable (DM500 - DM7000: Standard->off)
    * added editor to configure the cron-daemon
    * Little Apache (HTTP-Server based on HTTPD)
    * Upnp Client and Server (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server as addon)
    * Inadyn (Daemon for different DYNDNS-Services)
    * Settings for syslogd
    * Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Extras/Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQ can be found in the database
    * Automount, for examples have a look at: /var/etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS will be automatically mounted. Ideally for DVD- or Net- Drives (Editor can be found in the BP)
    * NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modules, nor for DM500, DM500+ and DM56xx)

    Infobar / OSD / Skin / Background-Pictures:
    * Position of the Infobar can be changed without editing the skin files
    * Provider, Frequencies, Symbolrate and FEC can be displayed in the Infobar (If the Skins matches this function)
    * Display of EMM, ECM or "Expertinfos" are switchable
    * Picon (displaying the Channel-Logo)
    * Extensions for Skins (Thumbnails, 3D-Font, Pictures for Progressbar)
    * Background picture can be turned off (Plasma - Fix)
    * Backgroundpictures (Radio- and File Mode) can be used as Screensaver.
    * Changing Bootlogo via menu ( 7020 only)
    * Backgroundpictures and Bootlogos can be created, testet and used direct on the Box (out of JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG)
    * Showing Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in Expert Menu -> Network)
    * Moved Gemini events (Ripper, Calendar, email-Checker) from BluePanel Menu into the infobar (eLabel-Name = geminievent)

    Files / Devices
    * Support for CDROM/DVD no matter using IDE or USB
    * Random function for all kind of soundfiles
    * Backup function
    * 2 new root entries for music and pictures can be created in the filemenu (BP->Extras/Settings->Root-Entry)
    * support for the bigger remotecontrol on 500 and 500+ (normaly shipped with 70XX/600pvr - activate on BP->Extras/Settings)
    * Support for FLAC, OGG/Vorbis and WAV (please install codecs in the BP)
    * Functions for SWAP (virtual memory). Create, delete, size and location.
    * Device-Manager for HDD / DVD / CF / USB
    * Drivers for USB-Cardreaders are now included in the Image but are not loaded!

    * additional functions (e.g. dishnetwork, cache, location)
    * search all channels for an event or an own string. Timers can be added immediatly (Press "Menu" in the epg or use use BP -> extras -> EPG-Refresh)
    * Infos of the recorded movies can be shown without starting the movie
    * refresh EPG using the enigma-timer (BP -> extras - EPG-Refresh)
    * autosave for EPG-cache ( BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)
    * Duration of current event in the programm overview ( Menu -> Info -> EPG)
    * general information about the EPG Data (BP -> Info-> EPG-Settings)
    * a time period for the EPG Data can now be defined (BP -> Extras/Settings -> EPG-Settings)

    * Dreamnetcast (shoutcast-player) with Streamripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s) (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
    * RSS und Weather Plugin (for DM500/56x0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
    * System Info: Many extra box infos like HDD temprature, stream-rates (>=7000) or kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.
    * Own scripts can be started via Blue Panel
    * Changing the recording parameters (extra before- and after- recording time, storage location and recover-function for your records)
    * change the settings for recording (before Time, after-recording time,, location and recover-function)
    * Create your own satellites.xml including only the satellites you really need.
    * Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra features for the yellow button (e.g permanent clock in OSD, freeze Image, audio selection)
    * alarm-clock with volume offset playing own WAV-Files
    * Calendar for iCalendar format + reminder ( Supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Goole calander, Rainlendar...). Standard folder is /var/etc/ical (for DM500/56x0 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
    * Support for DreamDVD no matter wether a DVD-Drive is available or not
    * New screenshot routines (have a look at the Webif)
    * eTorrent - a torrent client based on ctorrent. Can be managed completly over the OSD (for DM500/56x0/7000 must be installed from Gemini-Server)
    * disable the TV - output while taking a recording, streaming a movie and manually (usefull for boxes with very low lan-speed)
    * update system time via transponder or internet ( Protocol RFC868 )
    * eMail-Checker extended with SSL support (Overview of your POP3 or IMAP accounts)
    * create password using the BP (BP -> Extras -> Pwassword)
    * rotate al kind of pictures. Also automatic rotation using EXIF (must be activeted using the menu)
    * Re-Zapp, zapps after X-minutes to the actual Channel (BP -> Re-Zapp)
    * Displays, wether the box is an original one or not (using MAC adress, BP -> System -> Dreambox -> Manufacturer)
    * the Jukebox, Please install as addon.

    * records into different folders ( the settings have to be done in the Timer-Menu)
    * LED´s are flashing during record (Boxes without display). Must be set in BP -> Extra -> Record
    * import of recorded movies every time you enter the Video-Menu or only once when the Box ist starting (BP -> Extras -> Record)
    * Records can now be done in the new Eniga2 format (*meta files) or as usal as "recordings.epl" (BP -> Extras -> Record)

    * Webcam Viewer for viewing images from the Internet, configureable via XML config (only Still, no interval as we have at E2)
    * Now you can perform a network-settings test (new construction + wizard)

    Fix + update:
    * Dreamnetcast
    * RSS-Reader
    * Jukebox
    * Changed OSD & Video grabbing
    * have a look in the CVS

    Interfaces WebIF: (ZAHL = number of cam) (ZAHL = number of cam)

    We'd like to thank everybody who paricipated in the "Gemini suggestion" thread. Unfortunatly many things can not be realized from our side.
    This images doesn't contain any keys or softcams. Backups or other modified Images are not from us and won't be supported!
    Gemini Images may only be used on receivers of the manufacturer Dream-Multimedia-TV.
    The use of this Image is on your own risk.

    If you don't install the Image in flash memory, the flash image shouldn't be of a old version. A swap file/partition (>= 16MB) should be present
    if several processes running in background. We assume no liability for direct or indirect damage.

    AB IPBOX 9000HD


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    Post EDG-Nemesis-4.4_DM7020_BU 27.12.08

    EDG-Nemesis-4.4_DM7020_BU 27.12.08

    Für DM7020 Stick,HDD,CF

    Bitte mit Flashwizard installieren


    Evocamd. 2.17

    Mgcamd 1.31

    camd3 902

    CCcamd 2.0.11

    scam 3.29a

    New CS 1.62

    Einige Plugins

    Tux Commander

    Und andere

    Alle Sprachen zur Auswahl



    download :

    Attached Files (20.69 MB, 0 views)
    Don't dream your life - live your DREAMbox ! DON'T FORGET TO SAY '' THANKS '' Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only!

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    Default PB ENIGMA DM 7020 Version 3.0

    AB IPBOX 9000HD


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    Default Sifteam 1.9.3D dm7020

    SifTeam 1.9.3D dm7020

    1) Cambiato il CVS alla versione 13.02.2009 (con supporto a piu' file audio, .ogg ecc..)
    2) Nel parental Control si puo' bloccare l'accesso al pannello EMU
    3) In tutte le versioni sono presenti i comandi "ifup" e "ifdown"
    4) Per guadagnare spazio sono stati rimossi:
    "streamts" deve installare dal pannello
    il secondo boot-logo puo' installare dal pannello
    5) Si puo' scegliere di non eliminare i pacchetti scaricati (menu' avanzato)
    6) Aggiornato la libreria (a tutti i modelli, ex: samba non funzionava piu')
    7) Modificato script avvio Qbox-one (ora il wifi si riavvia bene)
    8) Nel 200 e' stato inserito l'eseguibile e diverse librerie dell'openvpn
    9) Aggiunto nel pannello la possibilita' di montare un disco esterno USB (per la presa posteriore nel Qbox-one)

    Per la versione ipbox-200@64mb si deve:
    1) Installare l'immagine del 200 normale
    2) Installare il file "serial_uboot_64.img"
    ..entrambi con Flashtools o Flasher

    Per avviare programmi personali, valido per tutte le immagini SifTeam: Aggiungere il comando voluto in /var/etc/rcS.d/ in fondo al file (ci sono gia' presenti diversi esempi pronti all'uso, basta decommentarli rimuovendo il simbolo #)

    Per entrare nel Pannello di Controllo se ci si trova nel Pannello Emu basta premere il bottone giallo, funzione aggiunta per l'uso nella WebIf.
    Per aprire il menu' Script mentre ci si trova nel Pannello di Controllo basta premere lo 0 (zero).

    In caso si presenti l'errore "..curl_global_init.." con qualche plugin, dopo l'installazione del medesimo, basta riavviare enigma o il decoder. (deve rileggere la nuova libreria installata dal plugin)

    * L'opzione Muovi OSD non e' piu' presente in enigma perche' la DreamMultimedia ha occupato
    il bottone rosso nelle opzioni OSD
    Si puo' installare come plugin esterno.

    ** Il Qbox-one non ha ancora tutte le funzioni degli altri modelli, ad esempio il firewall per
    ora non funziona (altrimenti il kernel non e' compatibile con il modulo wifi della duolabs)
    ...diciamo work in progress e' perfettamente utilizzabile con le funzioni base.
    Forse la cosa che manca di piu' e' la funzione del tasto
    premuto per >1sec. (per piu' di un secondo), per entrare nel pannello di controllo si deve
    passare da: tasto blu -> tasto giallo



    - CVS updated to 02.02.2009(more audio files are supported)
    - Now you can block ,trought parental control,the access to emu panel
    - commands 'ifup' and 'ifdown' are available
    - Re:"streamts" that is available on online panel
    the second bootlogo is available also by online panel
    re(only on ipbox versions)some files...they are always available online
    - You are now able to left downloaded addons(advanced menu)
    - updated
    - start script of qbox one fixed(wifi won't lose settings at reboot)
    - 200 image has already buil-in executable and any library of openvpn
    -you can mount an external hdd on qbox(added option on advanced panel)

    For the version ipbox-200@64mb you must:

    1)install the normal img for ipbox200
    2)install "serial_uboot_64.img"

    both with flashtools or Flasher

    * About Programs:
    For all sifteam images, on /var/etc/rcS.d/ you can choose a program to start(there are already some commented examples..remove "#" to active them)

    To enter in Control Panel from Emu panel you can press the yellow button (added also on webif)
    The menu Script can be opened from Control panel pressing 0(zero)

    To change the positions of Channel name or Clock you can modified by telnet the values
    (Horizontal)(50 & 80 are the default values)
    echo 50 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/altOraOSD
    echo 80 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/altCanaleOSD
    (Vertical)(10 is the default value)
    echo 10 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/oriOraOSD
    echo 10 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/oriCanaleOSD


    If the following message appear "..curl_global_init.."...please restart enigma(Menu-5-restart enigma)

    * The option Move OSD is no longer available but you can install it as external plugin
    To use the old /Var you should edit the file /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config
    and change the text "s:/ezap/ui/skin=/*****/tuxbox/enigma/skins/golden.esml" in

    ** The Q-box has not all the functions of the other boxes...for example to open the Control Panel you must press blue>yellow

    Enjoy Sif-team fans

    AB IPBOX 9000HD


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    Post EDG-Nemesis 4.4 DM 7020

    EDG-NEMESIS 4.4 DM7020

    Technical Infos:

    * Enigma of: 21.11.2008
    * Linux version 2.6.9
    * GCC 3.4.4
    * Web Interface: 6.0.4-Expert
    * Busybox 1.01
    * Tuxtxt v. 1.99
    * for use in flash or MB (via NFS, USB, HDD or CF)
    * Date image 24.12.2008
    * OE 1.5
    * Bitbake 1.6.8

    Function Buttons:

    * BLUE - Nemesis Panel
    * 2x BLUE - Addons
    * YELLOW – Plugins
    * YELLOW > 1s – EMU - CS Info
    * GREEN – subservices
    * GREEN > 1s – EPG Control Center
    * RED - EPG list for active channel
    * 2x RED - EPG style menu(Included epgui, MvEPG, WeekEPG you do install it to activate a function)

    Global News:

    * Fix CVS for minor bugs about USB 2.0 port
    * Nemesis Panel 4.4
    * Cam Manager 4.4
    * Fix green button in play mode
    * Minor bug fix

    New CVS feature:

    * Add Plugin reorder
    * Add Plugin rename
    * Add listbox shortcut (0-9, red, green, yellow and blue)
    * Add Permanent timeshift (beta)
    * And lot of bug fix (see Code:
    for more info)

    EPG Control Center:

    * Hard recoded
    * Integrated EPG loader directly form Sat, (Upgradable)
    * Full support for EPGui, MVepg, WeekEPG and EPGFind.
    * Manual EPG download
    * Scheduled EPG download, via Enigma Timer list
    * Select channel to download
    * Reorder channel for EPGui via GUI interface
    * Update EPG channel list, and channel name
    * Full support for EPG Themes (Upgradable)
    * Lot of EPG loader info

    User Script:

    * Partially recoded
    * Add script cancel button
    * Minor bug fix

    Move var:

    * Partially recoded
    * Minor bug fix

    Special Thanks to our developper MaxZ4 for EPG loader
    Special Thanks to Lukkino for opentv source code

    - developper and betatester.
    - Skin by Matrix10
    - New Bootlogo 4.4 and graphics by Server





    download :


    Copy the file extra url into var/ect

    Don't dream your life - live your DREAMbox ! DON'T FORGET TO SAY '' THANKS '' Note: Viewing Pay TV without a valid subscription is illegal All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only!

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    Default Re: EDG-Nemesis 4.4 DM 7020

    Gbox dont work with EDG-Nemesis 4.4

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    Default PLi® Jade2 Dm7020 20090317 Rev.6300

    22-03-2009] PLi® Jade2 Enigma1 images released

    A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

    The Original Enigma1 PLi® Jade2 suite contains the following images:

    * PLi®-Jade2-DM500 (regular and maxvar)
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM500+ (Plus)
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM600
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM5600/5620
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM7000
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM7020

    Use the downloadsection on our website to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

    Direct download:

    See below for fixes & features since the initial PLi® Jade release

    New features highlights:
    - New tuxtxt plugin
    - Tuxtxt subtitling (enable tuxtxt caching to get this feature)
    - Current and next EPG can be switched in service selector using audio key
    - Added "browse" selection in various menus
    - Timeshifts can be recorded on a separate location now
    - Selectable remote control channel

    More new features:
    - CVS Repository 11/01/2009
    - PLi® Repository 18/03/2009
    - Update to CCcam 2.0.11 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
    - Default CCcam selected in cam setup for non-maxvar DM500, DM56xx
    - Updated encoding.conf
    - Removed movieplayer in DM500 maxvar image(image became too large, it's downloadable now)
    - Disable AC3, teletext stream recording added
    - web-x-tv: added support for vlc 0.9.x
    - Automatic LinuxExtensions correction for cifs mounts. Improves NAS compatibilty
    - Added teletext as programmable yellow/blue button
    - Support for slave harddisk on DM7020

    - Web interface timer menu fixes
    - Let exit key on a DM500 repeat to quit menus quickly
    - Take time start and stop offsets into account if a recording is added using webif
    - Fixed the save button (Green button) if unintentionally pressed in sat config screen
    - Harddisk format fixes
    - Default small silver remote for the DM500 and DM500+
    - Zapstream fixes
    - Solved wrong genre in webif channel EPG
    - "x% in use" updated in filemode now
    - Fixed service selector too near to window border
    - Fixed possible problems if /var is moved to a network share
    - RSS plugin fixes
    - Fixed dropbear plugin
    - Backup/restore fixes
    - MV fix for illegal date/time
    - Remove timeshift options for boxes which cannot timeshift

    - Spanish language update by Corvus
    - Estonian language update by Indrek
    - Dutch language update by dAF2000
    - Czech language update by ims

    Known bugs:
    - Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels
    - Unmounting network shares may not work all times
    - Network settings may not be restored in backup/restore

    See our PLi® Wiki for more answers on your questions...

    Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

    AB IPBOX 9000HD


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    Default new image dreambox 7020

    "the line between enigma1 and enigma2"

    Demonisat:-Vanilla_dm7020s_new revision_04/06/2009
    D€MoNiS@T D€V€LoP€R T€@M:
    Creator & Codes:- RoCKYDeViL
    Betatester 500/7000:- aNTRaG


    Enigma2: Experimental 2.6
    Machine: Dreambox dm7020
    Date: 2009-06-04 14:28
    Issuer: Dream Multimedia TV
    6a809256a26f6cfe9651f4d9a7b15a8b dreambox-image-dm7020

    BB_VERSION = "1.6.8"
    OE_REVISION = "format_version "1"
    new_manifest [0000000000000000000000000000000000000004]
    old_revision [8384ee468ef9c285a8c9b35ef333e53be78b6445]"
    TARGET_ARCH = "powerpc"
    TARGET_OS = "linux"
    MACHINE = "dm7020"
    DISTRO = "opendreambox"
    DISTRO_VERSION = "1.5.0"
    TARGET_FPU = "soft"Emu: --CCcam 2.0.11 --> inside!!! (start with image)

    added new script plugins :
    (from the blue panel you choose
    ---> "Addons"(script plugins renamed):
    ---> demonisatkeys_download
    ---> settings_Hotb (VHANNIBAl settings mono feed)
    ---> settings_Dual (VHANNIBAl settings hotbird/astra)
    ---> settings_Motor (VHANNIBAl settings multisat)
    ---> tool_ecm_info

    select the script you want and press the button "ok" of remote
    control.the download and the installation is very fast!!!

    when you download the settings after you press the button "ok"
    you wait a few seconds, the Dreambox will restart automatically
    in new settings

    __________________________________________________ _______
    the first time you install the settings you can scan manually,
    or use software "drembox edit", you can set options such as
    __________________________________________________ _________

    Compiled with Ubuntu 8.04 by RoCKYDeViL

    Se il download sul forum è lento potete scaricare l'immagine anche da qui:
    Icone allegate
    File allegati Vanilla Exp am7020s.rar (18.78 MB, 29 visite)

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    Thumbs up OoZooN-Image-dm7020hd-3.2.1


    Hier kommt ein neues DM7020HD Image aus dem Enigma² “release” OE 1.6 zweig.
    Enigma stand ist 10.11.2011
    die plugins sind vom 12.11.2011
    die treiber vom 09.11.2011
    neuer kernel 2.6.18-r14.1
    secondstageloader ist 84
    änderungen an Enigma² können Hier verfolgt werden
    meine änderungen am oe:
    eigene bootlogo’s, artwork von skywatcher
    mit satellites.xml – enigma² by Reinh@rd
    änderung des dccamd start
    dccamd nicht im image enthalten, kann online nachinstalliert werden
    (*) enthalten
    (**) über den plugin-download verfügbar
    automaticcleanup (**)
    automatictimerlistcleanup (**)
    automaticvolumeadjustment (**)
    autoresolution (**)
    cleanupwizard (**)
    crashlogautosubmit (**)
    defaultservicesscanner (**)
    diseqctester (**)
    dvbtime (**)
    hotplug (*)
    ledmanager (**)
    mphelp (**)
    networkbrowser (*)
    networksetup (*)
    networkwizard (*)
    positionersetup (*)
    satelliteequipmentcontrol (**)
    satfinder (*)
    setpasswd (**)
    skinselector (*)
    softwaremanager (*)
    startupservice (**)
    videoenhancement (**)
    videomode (*)
    videotune (*)
    wirelesslan (**)
    vps (**)
    aihdcontroller (**)
    ambx (**)
    antiscrollbar (**)
    appletrailer (**)
    atmolight (**)
    audiosync (*)
    autotimer (**)
    autotimeshift (**)
    b00k (**)
    babelzapper (**)
    barryallen (**)
    bartallen (**)
    blockcontent (**)
    bonjour (**)
    buliticker (**)
    bwmon (**)
    captain-shell (**)
    cdinfo (**)
    cooltvguide (**)
    covermanager (**)
    cronmanager (**)
    cutlisteditor (**)
    cvsnews (**)
    dccamd (**)
    deamonmanager (**)
    devicemanager (**)
    dflash (*)
    djmount (**)
    dmvidsdirect (**)
    dreambuddy (**)
    dreamexplorer (**)
    dreamirc (**)
    dvdbackup (**)
    dvdburn (**)
    dvdcontroller (**)
    dvdplayer (**)
    dyndns (**)
    easymedia (**)
    ecasa (**)
    emailclient (**)
    emission (**)
    enhancedmoviecenter (**)
    epgrefresh (*)
    epgsearch (**)
    extendedserviceinfo (**)
    fantastic (**)
    filebrowser (**)
    filesearchfs (**)
    flashcheck (**)
    foreca (**)
    freeze (**)
    fritzcall (**)
    fstabeditor (**)
    ftpbrowser (**)
    genuinedreambox (*)
    googlemaps (**)
    graphmultiepg (*)
    growlee (**)
    hddtemp (**)
    heizoelpreisefs (**)
    hdmon (**)
    housekeeping (**)
    httpproxy (**)
    imdb (*)
    iprec (**)
    kiddytimer (**)
    lancontrol2 (**)
    lastfm (*)
    lcdskin (**)
    ledctl (**)
    letterbox (**)
    livescore (**)
    logomanager (**)
    lottoextended (**)
    lottozahlen (**)
    mediacenter (**)
    mediadownloader (**)
    mediaplayer (*)
    mediascanner (*)
    meldetimer (**)
    merlinepg (**)
    merlinepgcenter (**)
    merlinmusicplayer (*)
    metacafedirect (*)
    meteoitalia (**)
    modem (*)
    mosaic (**)
    mountie (**)
    mountie-light (**)
    moviecut (*)
    movieepg (**)
    moviejukebox (**)
    movielistpreview (**)
    movieplayer (**)
    movieretitle (*)
    movieselectionquickbutton (**)
    movie-splitter (**)
    movietagger (*)
    multimediathek (**)
    multiquickbutton (**)
    multirc (**)
    myspacedirect (**)
    mytube (**)
    myvideo (**)
    netcaster (**)
    namezap (**)
    nfsserver (*)
    nfidump (**)
    nstreamplayer (**)
    ofdb (*)
    off (**)
    openpanel (**)
    orfat (**)
    orfteletext (**)
    partnerbox (**)
    passwordchanger (**)
    pauli (**)
    permanentclock (**)
    permanentrecording (**)
    permanenttimeshift (**)
    pictureplayer (*)
    pipservicerelation (**)
    pipzap (**)
    planerfs (**)
    pluginsort (*)
    pluginhider (**)
    podcast (**)
    primetimemanager (**)
    project-valerie (**)
    puremp3player (**)
    pzyemail (**)
    quickbutton (**)
    reconstructapsc (**)
    remotetimer (**)
    remotetv (**)
    rsdownloader (**)
    sambaserver (*)
    screensaver (**)
    secondinfobar (**)
    seekbar (**)
    sherlock (**)
    shoutcast (*)
    showclock (**)
    simplerss (*)
    smargo (**)
    socketmmi (**)
    spinnerselektor (**)
    sportinfos (**)
    sportportal (**)
    startuptostandby (**)
    suduko (**)
    swapscript (**)
    tageditor (*)
    timeshiftsave (**)
    timeupdate (**)
    trafficinfo (**)
    translator (**)
    tuxcom (**)
    tuxcom (**)
    tvcharts (**)
    tversity (**)
    unwetterinfo (**)
    updatecheck (*)
    upnp (**)
    userscripts (*)
    ushare (**)
    valixdcontrol (**)
    vierg (**)
    virtualzap (**)
    vlcplayer (**)
    wallywest (**)
    wetherplugin (**)
    wethersat (**)
    webbrowser (**)
    webcamviewer (**)
    webinterface (*)
    webradiofs (**)
    webvideoplayer (**)
    werbezapper (**)
    youtubeplayer (**)
    yttrailer (**)
    zaphistorybrowser (**)
    zapstatistic (**)
    zdfmediathek (**)
    basic hd (**)
    blackbox (**)
    blueline (**)
    blueline.extended (**)
    blueline.single (**)
    brushed alu hd (**)
    chromeline (**)
    chromeline.cobolt (**)
    dmconcinnity-hd (**)
    dmm-hd (**)
    dreammm-hd (**)
    dreamtv-hd (**)
    dtv-hd (**)
    dtv-hd-reloaded (**)
    elgato-hd (**)
    flatline (**) (**)
    glassline (**)
    greenline (**)
    greenline.extended (**)
    greenline.single (**)
    greyline (**)
    greyline.extended (**)
    greyline.single (**)
    kerni-hd1 (**)
    kerni-hd1r2 (**)
    lt6-hd (**)
    shadowline (**)
    simple (**)
    swain (**)
    swain.hd (**)
    ultraviolet (**)
    vali.hd (**)
    vali.hd.atlantis (**)
    vali.hd.flex (**)
    vali.hd.nano (**)
    vali.hd.nano.mod (*)
    vali.hd.warp (**)
    vali.xd (**)
    yads.hd (**)
    picon (*)
    picon 01.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 04.0e 3d (**)
    picon 04.8e 3d hd (**)
    picon 07.0e 3d (**)
    picon 07.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 09.0e 3d (**)
    picon 09.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 13.0e 3d (**)
    picon 13.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 16.0e 3d (**)
    picon 16.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 19.0e 3d (**)
    picon 19.2e 3d hd (**)
    picon 23.5e 3d (**)
    picon 23.5e 3d hd (**)
    picon 28.2e 3d (**)
    picon 28.2e 3d hd (**)
    picon 39.0e 3d (**)
    picon 39.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon 42.0e 3d (**)
    picon 42.0e 3d hd (**)
    picon kd.3d (**)
    picon kd.3d.hd (**)
    picon um.3d (**)
    picon um 3d hd (**)
    änderungen an enigma:
    bouquet button patch
    .recordings patch
    video preview patch (by pasurimi)
    das image ist über einstellungen -> softwareverwaltung über das internet aktualisierbar!
    OE Build Configuration:
    BB_VERSION = “1.8-dream”
    TARGET_ARCH = “mipsel”
    TARGET_OS = “linux”
    MACHINE = “dm7020hd”
    DISTRO = “opendreambox”
    DISTRO_VERSION = “1.6.0″
    TARGET_FPU = “soft”

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    Post News S@tgate-Team DM7020 480 Enigma1

    News S@tgate-Team DM7020 480 Enigma1

    Hi Friends,
    Attached is the new dm7020 Enigma2 Enigma1 Combined Image.
    New :-
    At bootup after flash install - there will be available free memory of 5mb. If also Flash Expander is used - there will be about 8mb free memory.
    New and updated stream plugins (download from Plugins Lite - will not need any additional software) :-
    news update keys
    news replay straming
    VlcPlayer - now includes a new facility to cache in .ts format
    NewtubePlayer - more YouTube music and film categories
    AdultVideos (enable/disable with Menu button)
    More details to follow.

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